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In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is one field that deserves great attention, and it is design.Duringhigh-quality social development, the design profession carrying cultural inheritance will certainly arouse great concern from all walks of life, and meanwhile, it also has a huge application market and development prospects. The XJTU-POLIMI Joint School of Design and Innovation, Xi’an Jiaotong University is established to cultivate a group of high-end professional and technical talents to lead the future development of this field.

Today’s design is different from the traditional one. It is not only culture, but also the intersection of new technologies and the integration of multi-disciplinary technologies. Any kind of product is inseparable from design, and any kind of cultural inheritance is inseparable from design. Design itself is both culture and technology.

Therefore, students are welcome and expected to pay more attention to this new subject field, and I sincerely hope that there will be many young students interested in this industry to throw themselves into design and lead the development of China in the future design field.

The Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour is ready to meet you. I sincerely look forward to your arrival. Let’s design and create the future together.