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In order to implement theModernization of Education in China 2035issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, solidly promote the BRI Education Campaign, and respond to theOpinions on Accelerating and Expanding the Opening-up of Education in the New Eraof eight departments including the Ministry of Education, Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) of Italyhavejointly establisheda Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school -- XJTU-POLIMI Joint School of Design and Innovation, Xi’an Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as the “XJTU-POLIMI School”), which isa non-independent legal entity.

Relying on the excellent educational conditions of XJTU and integrating the advanced cultivation concepts of XJTU and POLIMI, the School has a future-oriented high-level talent cultivation system and aims to cultivate interdisciplinary professionals with the sense of social responsibility, international vision, and high comprehensive quality.

I. Nature of the School

The XJTU-POLIMI School is a Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school, a non-independent legal entity, jointly built by XJTU and POLIMI through win-win cooperation and advantage complementation. It is also a teaching and scientific research unit of XJTU.

II. Significance of the School

The XJTU-POLIMI School has been under meticulous construction for four years since 2019. Aiming at the national strategy and the demands of local economic development, with setting up an integrated service platform of “talent cultivation, high-end training, and professional design” as the goal, the School is intended to build a “domestic first-class, industry-leading, and world-renowned” design college by introducing high-quality foreign educational resources and boosting two-way exchanges between teachers and students of Chinese and foreign universities.

III. Philosophy of the School

Based on the discipline development philosophy of “emerging engineering, grand design, and interdisciplinarity emphasis”, the XJTU-POLIMI School is oriented to the world’s scientific and technological frontiers and the major national needs and gives full play to the disciplinary advantages of the two universities in the fields of design and engineering. With design and architecture as the main body and “art and engineering crossing” as the discipline characteristic, the School focuses on the systematic design services of robots, high-end equipment, bionic manufacturing, 3D printing, and intelligent products and builds interdisciplinary research teams to promote teaching and learning through research.

IV. Cultivation Mode

The XJTU-POLIMI School has a size of 1,080 students and plans to enroll 240studentsin the first year. It offers two undergraduate majors, namely Industrial Design (4-yearschooling) and Architecture (5-yearschooling),and adopts the cultivation mode of “double degree”, “dual enrollment”, and “T+0”.

Students who complete the required courses within the period specified by the cultivation program and meet the graduation conditions of XJTU and the degree requirements of the two universities can obtain the Undergraduate Diploma and the Bachelor’s Degree Certificate of XJTU and the Bachelor’s Degree Certificate of POLIMI.