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Student Dormitory:

The student dormitories, constructed by SCEGC, are located in the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour and under the unified management of a professional property company. A dormitory is generally composed of 4 -- 5 rooms (four-roomone-living-roomlayout/five-roomone-living-roomlayout).Apart fromseparate bedrooms, the common areas include a living room, a washroom, and a bathroom (24h hot water by using card).

1. Accommodation consulting hotlines:

Heyuan (Area A): A5-010101 Contact number: 18182412835

Huiyuan (Area B): B2-060101/060102 Contact number: 15829982612

Langyuan (Area C): C2-010101/010102 Contact number: 13020769900

2. Check-in procedure:

Check-in procedure at Innovation Harbour Campus: After paying relevant fees at the Finance Section, go to the Dormitory Property Service Center to check in, and one 1-in photo is needed.

3. Services and supporting facilities of dormitories:

Services and supporting facilities Area A Area B Area C
Air conditionerrental/barreled waterservice A5-010101 B2060101/B2-060102 C2-010101/C2-010102
Psychologicalcounseling room A5-030101 B3-020101 C2-020101
Cainiao Post B1, Unit 5, Building A3 B1, Unit 3, Building B3 B1, Unit 6, Building C2
Shared laundry room B1, Unit 1, Building A3 B1, Unit 2, Building B3; B1, Unit 3, Building B8 B1, Unit 1, Building C2; B1, Unit 4, Building C8
Boiler B1 of Buildings A3 and A6 B1, Unit 6, Building B2 B1, Unit 3 of Buildings C1 and C7
Gym B1 of Buildings A3 and A6 B1, Unit 6, Building B2 B1, Unit 3 of Buildings C1 and C7
Bed dimensions 2.1m * 1m
Commercial area Xinghua Supermarket: B1 on the west side of Hanying Building (EMS, SF Express, and JD Express)

4. About payment

1) The remote control of room air conditioner and the keyofsmall door are subject to deposit upon check-in, and the deposit will be refunded upon check-out.

2) The rental of air conditioner can be handled at the Dormitory Service Center. Students who check in in Sept. are required to pay the annual accommodation fee in full upon check-in. The payment and refund are subject to theDetailed Charging Rules for Student Dormitories at Innovation Harbour Campus of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

3) The barreled waterservicecan be handled at the Dormitory Service Center, and the barrel needs deposit.


There is a commercial shopping center around the campus, including restaurants, a chain supermarket, and a cinema.

To the downtown:

Metro Line 5 can take you directly to the downtown.

Playground use and opening hours:

Bus schedule at the Innovation Harbour:

Comprehensive Management and Service Center of the Innovation Harbour