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Academic Salon Design for the Future of the Joint School Prison: Relational Places

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Academic SalonDesign for the Future of the Joint SchoolPrison:Relational Places

The theme will be explored through two main points: firstly, a brief historical overview of the significance of specific premises within prison facilities, with particular attention to their evolution over time and in response to sociocultural changes. Secondly, the discussion will centre on the case study of San Vittore in Milan, extensively analysed by the Prison Laboratory group in their research activities. The ongoing project has emphasized the necessity of developing tailored architectural design processes to enhance the connection within the prison and to define new relationships between the places of detention and the city.

Speakers: Prof. Barbara Galli, Prof. Gianfranco Orsenigo

Date and time: Friday, 8thDecember 2023, 19:00-20:30

Venue: The auditorium located on the lower ground floor of the Milan Building

Profile of the speakers:

Barbara Galli is an associate professor at Politecnico di Milano.She received her doctorate from the Politecnico di Torino, she was a young researcher with a fellowship (JSPS) at Tsukuba University. She has been a visiting professor at Tongji University in Shanghai.

Gianfranco Orsenigo is an architect with a PhD in architecture and urban design. He is currently a research fellow at DAStU Politecnico di Milano investigating the topic of the quality of living in Italian prisons.