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Third Meeting of the Academic Committee of the XJTU-POLIMI School Held

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On the afternoon of Nov. 27, the Third Meeting of the Academic Committee of the Joint School of Design and Innovation was held both online and offline and attended by Executive Dean Yang Shuming, Executive Deputy Dean Sergio Pignari, Deputy Deans Li Xiaoling, Jiang Weile, and Li Decheng, Dean Assistant Zhai Binqing, as well as members of the Academic Committee and related teachers from both sides. The meeting was presided over by Executive Deputy Dean Sergio Pignari.

Sergio Pignari and Li Decheng introduced the curriculum of POLIMI and the overall operation situation of the School in the 2022/23 academic year respectively. Subsequently, representatives of both sides held in-depth discussions on more than 10 topics, including the operating rules of the Academic Committee, the revision of cultivation program, the development of scientific research cooperation, the optimal space utilization of Milan Building, the short-term academic visit of POLIMI, and the recruitment publicity work, and exchanged opinions and suggestions on the improvement of curriculum quality, the development of teaching staff, and the guarantee of teaching quality.

Sergio Pignari expressed gratitude for the joint efforts made by both sides and hoped that the two sides could further deepen exchanges and communication and establish a regular communication mechanism to promote various work efficiently.

Yang Shuming affirmed the positive efforts made by POLIMI on education and teaching, industry-education integration, etc. and said that all the work of the School should put students first and ensure good teaching. He believed that through joint efforts, the two sides would be able to overcome various difficulties and challenges and make the School better and better.