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Innovative teaching at the Milan building

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The Joint School building, designed by Polimi’s architects and now renamed the Milan building, hosted some innovative teaching activities during the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024.

Professors of the Architecture program organized visits to the building with the aim of showing construction and technology elements firsthand and thus deepening the students’ level of understanding. Professor of “Building technology studio”, Salvatore Viscuso, also organized the students’ final presentation of the projects on the top floor. The students hung their presentation boards on the walls and displayed their models, sharing their work with their fellow students and professors.

On another occasion, again on the top floor, professors of Engineering-Industrial Design Flora Gaetani and Federica Caruso led a sketching class, during which the students had the opportunity to observe and draw the building’s furniture.

a moment of the sketching class

“Building technology studio” final presentation

students during the sketching class

architecture model presented at the end of the “Building technology studio